Action Learning Sets

A Business Improvement Tool to Support and Aid Learning and Action

What are Action Learning Sets?

  • Action Learning Sets are a simple and powerful way to help peers learn from each other and put learning into action.  The idea is based on the belief that the most effective learning takes place when we are faced with a real problem to solve.

They involve working on real life challenges and using the knowledge and skills of a facilitator, and a small group following a set structure to:

  • * ask challenging and insightful questions
  • * aid problem solving,
  • * reflective learning and
  • * produce fresh ideas and ideas for action.

The Set usually ‘contract’ and arrange to meet regularly to follow a set process of presenting, questioning, reflection and action planning. 

  • What are the benefits of investing in this type of development?

Cost effective learning

  • * A safe space for reflection and learning/’time out’
  • * Find solutions to work based problems
  • * Support and challenge from peers, increasing self-confidence
  • * An opportunity to find creative ways to bring about change/address business challenges
  • * Develop management and leadership skills
  • * A chance to ‘test out’ beliefs, assumptions, courses of action
  • * An insight into how others think and act, offering multiple perspectives
  • * Improving the way you relate and communicate with others

What we offer?

  • Whether you are familiar with Action Learning or are new to it we can help you get the most from the process with:
  • * ‘Have a Go Sessions’ for those new or wanting to refresh themselves on the process, skills and benefits of Action Learning Sets
  • * Facilitated Action Learning Sets
  • * Facilitation Training for those who want to self-facilitate

Please get in touch to discuss your needs further. 


"The Set was very useful in helping me move forward with a particular taxing decision I had to make.  They helped me with my thoughts and criteria for arriving at a decision and this enabled me to move the issue on successfully.  Without the Sets help I think I would have continued to procrastinate and do nothing about a pressing problem.”

“Leadership can be a lonely place! The set gave me new perspectives and strengthened my leadership capacity and resolve. The group were both supportive and challenging and I found this very helpful.”