Time Management and Putting Outlook to Work™

Want to find a better rhythm to your days and weeks?

  • Could you do with learning how to better organise and make the most of your time, by combining best practice time management techniques with setting up and using Outlook so it acts as your very own Personal Assistant?

This series of bite sized learning events will help you:

  • * Reduce pressure and stress and develop ‘e-resilience’
  • * Be more in control of your daily tasks
  • * Be productive and not just busy
  • * Reduce email ‘time-suck’
  • * Better prioritise and be more focused
  • * Streamline your workflow making you more efficient

Ensure you do not fall into the trap of –

“I am definitely going to take a course on time management, just as soon as I can work it into my schedule!” LOUIS E. BOONE

Your options are:

  • * We come and train you.
  • * Train the in-house Trainer. Training delivered under license with all trainer notes, support materials and videos you will need to deliver successful learning.
  • * 1 to 1 training over Skype.

Please contact us to discuss further.


“I have to say I thought the training was going to be very dry.  It was anything but.  I was pleasantly surprised especially in following the advice and liking it.  Seeing the benefits now I wish I had done this type of training years ago”.

“Being better organised has meant that I can focus on the things which are important reducing stress”.

“The benefit to me is that my work is now getting done!  Even when I do run out of time sometimes I can easily re-prioritise and still meet my deadlines for other tasks.  It has given me more time to spend with the team helping them”.

“Feeling on top of things has led to me enjoying my work again”.