Crafted Meetings™

You don’t need to look at your own or your colleagues’ calendars to know that a lot of time is spent in meetings.

Would you benefit from?

  • * Organising and holding more productive and enjoyable meetings
  • * Easily creating succinct minutes as the meeting progresses
  • * Building on effective meetings skills from one meeting to the next
  • * Contributing to changing the culture and approach to meetings in your organisation

Your options for adopting the ‘Crafted Meetings’ ™ approach are:

  • * We come and train you.
  • * Train the in-house Trainer. Training delivered under license with all trainer notes, support materials and videos you will need to deliver successful learning.
  • * 1 to 1 over Skype. including video resources.
  • * Tailored video resource developed for your organisation and distributed under license, with guidance training notes and video script.

Please get in contact to discuss your needs further.


"By implementing the Crafted Meeting approach we have not only saved time but are far more focused on the job in hand - that of business improvement."