Resilience and Mental Toughness

Resilience is now considered as fundamental to individuals, managers and leaders in helping them adapt successfully to work and life’s challenges.

What’s on offer is:

  • A series of workshops designed to help those who are going through periods of change and/or experiencing increased pressure both on their work and on themselves, to identify how they could develop greater resilience and mental toughness skills.

The  workshops are interactive, practical and fun!

Before attending the workshop participants will be asked to complete online a high quality psychometric measure MTQ48, administered by AQR International, designed to assess Mental Toughness across 4 areas:

  • * Confidence
  • * Challenge
  • * Control
  • * Commitment 

We will discuss what Mental Toughness is (and isn’t), analyse the feedback from the questionnaire and identify ways participants could expand their emotional resilience and mental toughness skills to benefit both themselves and their organisation.

Some Benefits of Attending are: 

  • *  Embrace changes at work easier
  • *  Develop more effective responses to pressure/reduce stress levels
  • *  Be composed under pressure
  • *  Reduce conflict
  • *  Have more ‘bounce’ and ‘bounce back’ capacity
  • *  Develop a positive ‘can do’ attitude
  • *  Be more productive and engaged
  • *  Enhance well-being
  • *  Improve team working
  • *  Build positive daily habits
  • *  Be able to focus on what is important and let go of everything else
  • *  Give and receive support from colleagues as you slowly but surely increase your
  •     Emotional resilience and mental toughness

Your options are:

  • * We come and train you.
  • * Train the in-house Trainer. Training delivered under license with all trainer notes, support materials and links you will need to deliver successful learning.
  • * 1 to 1 training over Skype.

If you would like to discuss the workshop in more detail please call.


"The MTQ48 is one of the better tools that I have used over the years, and has me pretty much to a tee."

"...the nurturing nature of the course and the strategies provided have helped me to cope with situations better and I really enjoyed being part of the group."